How to crack NDA exam in first attempt?

If you aim to enter the defense services, then the candidates need to give NDA exam. NDA exam is conducted twice every year by Union public service commission or UPSC for the candidates wanted to join Airforce, Indian Army or Indian Navy. This article imparts tips which will help you to clear this national level exam.

Know the exam

The NDA written exam has three sections namely Mathematics, English and General Knowledge. The question paper is designed in a multiple choice question format where there is one correct answer and all others are incorrect.

  • Mathematics

All the common topics which the candidate has studied in his/her school examination such as Trigonometry, Analytical questions, Profit and Loss, Algebra, Permutations and Combinations, Probability, Ratio and proportion, Percentage etc.

  • English

The candidate is expected to have excellent command over the English language with a deep understanding of the grammar, comprehension, vocabulary etc. The questions asked are based on your understanding, spotting the errors, antonyms, synonyms, article writing etc.

  • General Knowledge

There is no end to this topic. But 70% of the questions are asked from current affairs. The knowledge to current affairs can be gained by reading newspapers and listening to English news.   Some of the common topics are Indian and World History along with events, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology etc.

Tips to help you crack NDA exam

  1. Solve previous year question papers

Not only for NDA but even for any UPSC exam as well, it’s recommended to solve previous year question papers.  This will help the candidate to get an idea regarding the pattern of the exam followed.  It has been noticed that the style of the paper has remained same over many passing years.  This will help you get acquainted with the style of the paper and hence, you will have a better edge than other candidates.

  1. Right study material

Rather than buying books from the market, you can download them online for free or can purchase them. There are various websites available over the internet which can help you in achieving a high rank in your NDA exam. Having the right study material plays a very crucial role which can actually make or break your rank.

  1. Learn tips and tricks for mathematics

Whenever you study from any book either online or a purchased book, there are several shortcuts mentioned over there. You have to grasp those shortcuts and practice their application.  Knowing a shortcut or any trick is no big deal until and unless you know how to apply them at right question. Practice all the tricks by heart so that you don’t have to open your books again to see the trick.

Try to work over space management as well in the mathematics section. As you will be provided a limited space for the rough work, so try to use it using small letter and minimizing the white space to the maximum.

  1. Time management

Managing time is very important when you prepare for an exam. It is advised to look through the syllabus once, and mark the areas which you don’t know or need revision. Just make a timetable for a given period of time and try to complete those subjects or areas in which you feel that you are weak.

Assess yourself with the help of mocks or weekend revisions. Once you are done with all the topics and you are confident enough, go ahead with the mocks.

  1. Excellent English Skills

Yes, unlike other exams, NDA has a complete and dedicated English section. The student needs to have a very strong grip over the English Language. The candidate should have a perfect fluency over English not only in the written but verbally as well. If you are not good in English, then consider yourself out in the written exam itself.

  1. Prepare for an interview alongside

It has been noticed that many students start preparing for the interview only after clearing the written exams. This may cost you in shattering of dreams. The candidate should be aware that interview holds equal importance as a written exam. So you need to give equal time or good enough time for your interview preparation.

  1. Negative marketing

Yes, the candidates need to be aware of the negative marking. The negative marking here is 0.25. So, if you don’t know the answer than better leave it rather than taking a risk and losing your 0.25 marks. Remember that every single number counts when the final merit is prepared.  So, rather than losing a 0.25 or it’s better to leave that question unattempted.

Winding up

Nothing is impossible in this world. It all depends on your willpower and determination which shows that how much focused and motivated are you towards your goal. Good Luck!!

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